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About us

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Online gaming success requires integrated partnerships.

And this is why we developed Digital Entertainment Services Limited.


Our company has one straight mission: providing online gaming solutions to our partners, though strategic partnerships, responsibility and devotion to entertainment and safety.


We started by strengthening our platform and gaming solutions, in order to be the reliable partner any gaming business needs. Our development path followed large investments in games, technology, marketing, operations and payment services. And this had only one objective: becoming a trustworthy partner, one that can offer valuable products and services which can only maximize lifetime value of your business.

Second major component of our strategy is represented by our commitment to responsible gaming. As a consequence, we have developed clear and concise gaming policies and ethical behavior guidelines, which we have enforced through numerous educational materials, awareness campaigns and continuous monitoring. In addition, a system of mandatory basic trainings was implemented and monthly refresher sessions are held up with specific functions in your business, in order to better prevent any risk and ensure safe online gaming.


Proud to be part of an outstanding team, our professionals are devoted to online gaming and excellence in online entertainment. With effort, dedication and acknowledgement of our customer’s needs and strategies, we have become the trusted partner you want to increase your business and maximize your results.

Because our people is our strength!